360-Degree Feedback Template

Empower people to grow with this ready-to-go 360-degree feedback survey for managers, reports, and peers.

Simplify your workflows

If you're ready to take your traditional performance reviews to the next level, this is the template for you. With a 360-degree feedback form, you can gather candid insights from the people who really know what’s happening within each team. It’s a great way to get the complete picture on employees and leaders — straight from their own peers, reports, and managers. We’ve already compiled all the right questions and form features. Simply copy and customize to start collecting data today.

Get everyone involved

The more insights you collect, the more informed your employees will be. That’s why Formstack makes it easy to combine feedback from multiple people in one report. Use Workflows to pass the same 360-degree feedback form from one person to another. Then capture signatures from each participant before adding the final document to personnel files.

Easily analyze data

Collect all the right data — and analyze with ease. Whether you want to recognize employees for a job well done or identify opportunities for growth, this template will help ensure you ask all the right questions. Let people upload files as needed to keep all relevant information in one central place. You can even turn survey data into personalized PDFs for easy review.

Save time

Traditional performance reviews can be cumbersome and time-consuming. With this 360-degree feedback survey, you can create a continuous feedback loop. Route the data you collect to different people based on who needs to see what. And use notifications to automatically update stakeholders as new feedback is submitted. It’s the simplest way to let everyone evaluate each other at once.

Customize questions

Need to ask different people different questions? Conditional Logic lets you do just that—without having to create a ridiculously long questionnaire. Simply ask a qualifying question on this 360-degree feedback template, such as “Are you evaluating a manager or direct report,” then create a subset of follow-up questions. For even more simplicity, you can opt to display just one question at a time.

We knew Formstack would be a good solution because it's so easy to use. It’s something our staff could build or change with limited knowledge of technology and minimal interaction with IT.
Kow Samman
Productivity Solutions Manager at Azusa Pacific University

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